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Inca Jungle to Machu Picchu

4 Days


Combine trip at bus, descent from the mountain at bicycle and walking in the jungle, arriving to Machu Picchu.

Cusco is the main tourist destination in Peru and the most important destination of America. Known by the Incas as the "Home of the Gods," Cusco became the capital of one of the pre-Columbian empires greatest: The Tawantinsuyo. Its name in Quechua means "navel of the world. This magnificent empire is famous for its road system (Qapacñan) connecting the capital Cusco with the farthest reaches of the empire. Currently one of the most important attractions of Cusco is just one of these routes the famous Inca Trail.

DAY 1: Cusco – Abra Málaga – Santa María

We will start our adventure in Cusco, after pick you up from your hotel we will go to Abra Malaga (4350 masl) by bus, we begin our bike down, then we arrive to the town of Santa Maria. we will change the ecological level from “puna” 4350 masl to “jungle” 1430 masl, the weather is nice and hot from start to finish. On our way we could see the snowcapped "Veronica", then we will see "The Water Falls", we finally enter to the jungle which is full of animals and fruit trees in the area.

DAY 2: Santa María – Santa Teresa

This day is incredible, we will start our trek and we walk for about 8 hours approx. between the reductions and increases, but the most interesting aspects of this hike is not only through a part of the Inca trail perfect way, but a true adventure among the jungle, where we will be surrounded by green trees full of nature, rivers and exotic animals in the area, will make us feel full of emotion. There we will see parrots, monkeys in its many diversities, on the other hand a number of varieties of flora in the sector. At the same time, in the way we can also enjoy a relaxing bath in the hot springs of Uyurmiri after that we will get close to "Santa Teresa" (1900 masl), and camping.

DAY 3: Santa Teresa – Aguas Calientes

Early morning we will leave the camp, this day will be full of emotions a little bit different from the others, with more hours of walking, and adrenaline. We will go through the suspension bridges and Oroyas basket of a rope bridge) used by locals, our trekking will be provided full of exciting adventures then we will arrive to Aguas Calientes.

DAY 4: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu - Cusco

In order to enjoy the perfect view of Machu Picchu ruins is necessary to leave our hotel at 05:30am to avoid another groups and we will enjoy the sunrise above Machu Picchu, to get Machu Picchu ruins is necessary to take a bus trip through the mountain the trip last approx 25 min.

When you get Machu Picchu Sanctuary the guide will immerse you in the history of Inkas, after this you will have free time (40 minutes) to take pictures or visit the ruins by your own or climb Wayna Picchu, after that we will take the bus to return to Aguas Calientes to have the lunch, and then we will return to Cusco by train, in Cusco we will be awaiting for you to take you to your hotel. As you can see our trek will assure us an unforgettable experience, join us !.